Ascend Business Services strives to positively impact public education in New Mexico by providing business and support services to community based charter schools thus allowing a charter school to become a higher performing organization because its overall operations are streamlined.

Ascend accomplishes this task by bringing CFO level competency and a high level service approach to back office services thus allowing the charter school to focus primarily on its educational mission and goals. Ascend can bring unmatched business strength to the back office, which combined with the strength of the charter school members, allows for a streamlined and highly performing organization to coalesce. Ascend is a nonprofit organization (Non-Profit 501c(3) IRS submission in process) based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Moreover, Ascend is significantly invested and committed to our New Mexico community because it is, itself, a locally based organization. Ascend Business Services is a member of the non-profit, community based social enterprise – The Atrisco Companies.

Ascend Business Services is an entity under The Atrisco Companies. The Atrisco Companies evolved from the historic Atrisco Land Grant, one of the most storied Spanish land grants common to our southwestern states. This 17th Century land grant system established settlement and economic development in the New World, and early settlers of New Mexico gained their livelihoods from the land. Today, the Atrisco Companies continue the rich traditions of their ancestors by providing community based business services in all of their entities. The Atrisco Companies have bridged their past with their future. To learn more about the Atrisco Companies go to

We handle the back-office so that you can focus on the classroom.

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