How We Can Help Your Charter School

Ascend Business Services is dedicated to being the best service provider in New Mexico for back-office and professional consulting services in support of New Mexico charter schools.  

Our team of experts delivers unparalleled support services that span charter school development, business and operations, and student data and assessment. Through our core service offering – back-office – we provide our clients with CFO-level resources and a team of specialists to perform a variety of fiscal and governance related services.  Ascend follows customer service philosophies and models utilized in other Atrisco Companies’ non-profit organizations such as the Atrisco Heritage Foundation, Rio Grande Educational Collaborative and Mariachi Spectacular to name a few.  In addition to a stellar service approach, the Atrisco Companies will also provide a financial opportunity not offered by our competitors in the marketplace.  As a member of the larger social enterprise, Ascend does not need to be anything other than modestly sustainable in its own right.  This luxury exists because all entities within the Atrisco Companies family are contributors to the financial health of the overall group.   Moreover, as a non-profit organization we are not seeking profit maximization as are this market’s for-profit competitors.  Consequently, Ascend will seek to offer lower price points for services thus passing along the price advantage that exists from the larger social enterprise model. Ascend will offer customers, the charter school community, a higher level of service at a lower price point thus helping strengthen individual charter schools by raising the bar for service and driving market prices downward.  As a community based non-profit social enterprise it is part of our overall mission of support for our community members.  It’s the Atrisco way. 

We handle the back-office so that you can focus on the classroom.